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Mask:  In shade separation images, an intermediate photographic negative or beneficial Employed in coloration correction.  In offset lithography, opaque material utilised to protect open up or selected areas of a printing plate in the course of publicity. Alt:  Blocking light from reaching aspects of a printing plate.

Front conclude process:  In electronic publishing, the workstation or group of work stations made up of the purposes software for planning pages of kind and graphics.

Picture plate:  A light delicate printing plate.  The plate is formulated like film, and after that employed with a printing push.

Tough copy:  The long-lasting Visible document of the output of a computer or printer.  Also the material sent to some typesetter in typed form, for conversion into typeset materials. Alt:  The output of a computer printer, or typed text despatched for typesetting.

Pattern plate:  The engraving or blend of plates employed for building the matrices from which rubber plates are made.

Flash exposure:  In halftone photography, the supplementary exposure presented to reinforce the dots within the shadow areas of negatives. Flat: A photograph or halftone that is definitely lacking dog pain lortab in distinction.

Efflorescence:  A certain method of spontaneous desiccation (drying up).  The residence of the crystalline material to be dehydrated or anhydrous when subjected to air and to crumble to a powder.  Reverse of dog constipation pain medication delinqescence.

Offset Printing (Offset Lithography): Business printing approach, through which ink is offset within the printing plate to a rubber roller then to substrate.

Spotlight:  The whitest or lightest areas in an image represented in a halftone copy via the smallest dots or maybe the absence of dots.

Diffusion:  A spreading out or equalized dispersion of a material, pressure, or condition in to the encompassing medium; as, the diffusion of warmth by conduction; the diffusion of sunshine by way of a translucent materials or reflection from the tough surface area; the diffusion of gases, liquids or granular solids to the bordering medium.

Alt:  A normal accustomed to fit film to film and film to plates and plates to press to guarantee the correct registrations of printer colours.

Corrugation marks:  A paper defect possessing the looks of "rope" or "chain" marks parallel to your course of web journey, due to adjacent tough and delicate places.

Equalizer rod / Meyer rod:  A metal rod wound with high-quality wire all over its axis in order that liquids is usually drawn down evenly in a offered thickness throughout a substrate.  Flexographic / Gravure printing.

Web site description language:  In Computer system imaging, a technique for speaking site, font and graphic information and facts in the work station for the printout machine.

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